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Changing with the times! Remote Online Notary Service

Remote Online notary was scheduled to begin in July 2020, however with the rapid COVID-19 pandemic, the option for Remote Online Notary was moved up and approved to be used as of April 2020.

As a Notary, I understand the need for flexible options. We had a client who was out of the country on a trip and was unable to return to the States due to the lock down with the pandemic, so we used remote online notary services to help them.

She needed to provide a Financial Power of Attorney to complete a Real Estate Transaction already in process and scheduled to close prior to her to return.

We were able to facilitate the Remote Online Notary transaction, provide the document to the Title Company, who then forwarded it to their legal department as they were not fully aware of the option at that time.

We were able to provide all the necessary documentation to the Title company to satisfy the stringent requirements to get our client’s Loan closed without delay or issues, which in turn indirectly had a positive impact on many people, including our client.

The Title company sent me this message to say thanks!

“Hi Donna, I suspect your organization leads our organization into the new COVID era. Thanks again for your help.”
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