Nicest Paralegal Services in Town

Inky11: I have been acquainted with Donna Vangury and her associates for about 8 months. Ms. Vangury first did a Bankruptcy, then a Will, Power of Attorney and currently is finishing a Divorce for me. She has always maintained the highest degree of integrity and professionalism in regards to my needs. She is sincere, cordial and her staff goes up and above to accommodate one’s needs.

If she can’t help one, she refers them to someone who can better handle legal aspects of what she cannot get into. I like them very much. I feel comfortable and respected and never have been treated unfairly. I recommended her and the business to anyone who needs these type of services. Thank you


Sandee13: I found Dovan Services to be so helpful, friendly, always ready to give a helping hand and answered all questions. Love this place…


Elizabeth222: Beautiful work on our schedules, Donna was kind and patient in answering our multitude of questions. Since we had never used a paralegal before, we had some anxiety about it all. Everything went smoothly. We really appreciated all that she and her office staff did for us.

Best in area

Pmgoulette: Donna is 1 great lady. She helped us from start to finish and is a great person personally and business. I would call Donna and Debbie anytime I needed legal help. I give her many kudzu from start to finish. Thanks again

Beyond Helpful

Azskateman: Saved me time and money! I actually went a few places last year only to be blown off or told a price then hidden fees. I then stepped into Dovan Associates and left with everything taken care of! Thank you!

Goes Above and Beyond!

Gonnabejustfine: Donna is amazing! She is not only professional in the way she conducts her business but she connects with you on a personal level as well. She is so patient and kind and takes the time to explain the process over and over if need be. She doesn’t charge enough for what she does for you. She even puts up with the soon to be ex-husband for you. Donna knows what she is doing and gets the job done!

Great Service!

Blondieemee: Donna has been a woman of wonder, she can relate to most of us cause she has either been there or knows someone close to her that has. She understands the needs of others. Some of us can’t afford lawyers and with today’s economy we have to trust in someone with experience and understanding of the law, Donna brings that to the table. When I met Donna it was like we were long lost friends! I’m glad to know that she is there if I ever need help again, thanks Donna.

Affordable and effective

Newatthis: I asked Donna for help with my child custody issue, and less than 48 hours later I had full custody of my son! What more can I say?

Debt Relief

Kristylynn: Donna presented as professional and caring while gathering information to fill out my bankruptcy paperwork! Didn’t feel judged or criticized! She has always been available to answer any pre and post filing questions with a prompt response!

Dovan Associates helped me out huge!

Darrenapope: I found Dovan Associates when I needed help with a legal matter (ch 7 BK), Donna did the BEST job! Great price. EVERYTHING was very well done. Even the folks at the court know Dovan Associates, and know her work is going to be right and it was. I had to use Dovan Associates services once more and Donna did an over the top job. YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH ALL OF THERE SERVICES!

Trust, knowledgeable, service

Ycouture: Things you don’t always find in a business these days are all found here. Donna put things in perspective in a field that is often intimidating. Her follow up is amazing and the thought process is always one step ahead. You cannot go wrong sending friends and family here way.
Y. Couture

Integrity Plus

Azwizas: Having the pleasure of knowing Donna on a personal level as well as a business level. I can and would recommend her services to anyone. She is always friendly, professional, diligent, and affordable. We served on a professional board together where she was always willing to do extra to help out. She has also provided professional services for me, which she always tried to make sure that everything was done in a timely manner and went the extra mile to make sure that things were done the way I needed and wanted.

Thank you Donna.

Andy from Affordable Insurance